DMT Radar Systems, Inc.

DMT Radar Systems, Inc. – Ports, harbors, dockside, or any other waterside site can benefit from DMT’s low-cost, yet extremely capable security solutions. DMT’s security radars are designed for maritime environments. DMT’s Black Marlin and the XRDS are the only radars available on the market that can detect and track vessels on the water, people walking on land, and helicopters and drones flying in the air. DMT combines its unique radar technology with proven, capable camera technology communications, and remote monitoring software to provide a complete waterside security solution.

DMT offers precision drone detection with its most versatile security radar system, the Black Marlin. Numerous government tests and demonstrations have shown that the Black Marlin is able to detect and hold the tracks of popular commercial drones such as the Mavic, the Phantom 4, and the S1000 – as well as fixed wing drones.  Click here to learn more