NMIO Call for Nominees for Excellence in the Field of Maritime Domain Awareness Award

The National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) is pleased to announce the presentation of its annual National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (NMLEA) Award for Excellence in the Field of Maritime Domain Awareness at the upcoming Maritime Security West Conference in Los Angeles/Long Beach August 5th through the 7th.

Candidates for this award have provided exceptional service(s) to their organization in any of the fields of maritime threat collection and analysis, inter agency maritime information sharing/integration, and related system/policy development. These particular services have advanced maritime intelligence programs and improved the security of the maritime domain in their jurisdiction or of our Nation as a whole.

Nominees can be federal, state, local, tribal or territorial government employees, military personnel or contractors supporting law enforcement operations. (Note that “self-nominations” are not allowed.)

“This is a great opportunity to recognize the individual, group, department or organization that has done special things, or achieved specific milestones that have directly impacted the safety and security of our Nation’s waterways through collaborative, innovative, or advancing initiatives in our maritime domain,” said Mark DuPont, Executive Director of the National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy. “If someone is doing something that is making a difference in their area, their region or the Nation, then we want to make others aware of their achievements in support of NMIO’s efforts.”

Do you know someone that you think should be recognized for this award?

If you know of a person, group or organization that should be recognized for their achievements in the area of Maritime Domain Awareness, please forward nominations to Mr. Christopher Hickey, NMIO, at christopher.hickey@navy.mil by June 15, 2019. Please call (301-669-2215) or email him with any questions. Nominations should include the name of the individual(s), department or agency with complete contact information of the person making the submission, and the nominated party/parties. A narrative of the specific achievements that you think warrant the recognition should also be provided.

About NMIO:
The Director of National Intelligence, in cooperation with Navy and Coast Guard created NMIO in 2009 to advance governmental collaboration and unity of effort as outlined in the 9/11 Commission Report, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, and the National Strategy for Maritime Security. NMIO facilitates information sharing and collaboration across the Global Maritime Community of Interest, which consists of U.S. federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; maritime industry; academia; and our international partners. Learn more about NMIO online at http://nmio.ise.gov/index.htm.

About NMLEA:
Formed in 2000 under the guidance of Admiral Owen Siler, the USCG’s 15th Commandant, the NMLEA is a not for profit member-driven organization with offices in Washington, DC and Tallahassee, Florida. Through customized exportable maritime tactical, rescue, and operational courses based on international best practices; an online PortTraining Program exclusive to America’s maritime security; various port vulnerability and risk assessments; training and exercise development and evaluation; and multiple product, technology, process and security consultation services, the Academy staff has provided over 15,000 officers and maritime professionals with tools that help to enhance the safety and security of their Nation’s waterways, and to maritime organizations around the world. For additional information about the NMLEA or IMLEA, please visit www.nmlea.org or e-mail info@nmlea.org.