Today, SHOXS seats are used in all branches of the US military and foreign military marine units. You’ll see SHOXS in hundreds of law enforcement and commercial vessels around the world. As recreational boaters begin to recognize the benefits of shock-mitigation, they’re outfitting their boats accordingly with SHOXS seating. We’re setting the standard for boater safety and comfort with our attention to ergonomic detail, testing processes, and premium materials. We have a full team of professional engineers ready to help you develop the right seating system for your application.

Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, our workforce remains dedicated to supplying manufacturers, marine organizations, and militaries around the world with premium, high performance products that stand up to the most demanding conditions.

The Brand

SHOXS provides highly engineered, premium quality shock-mitigation seating systems designed for extreme use on the water. Our military heritage and high performance standards result in exceptional products and unwavering customer support. We’ve equipped some of the hardest-working men and women on earth in jobs where life and health are at stake and brought them home safely time and time again. We’ve introduced some of the world’s most technologically advanced impact-mitigation solutions, and we’re constantly testing ways to further measure and mitigate impact shock.

Our products have always been designed for the men and women of the military, coast guard, and marine patrols — people who travel at fast speeds on rough water in the line of duty. SHOXS Seats has protected crews and extended careers all over the world and designed to last and to protect those that protect us. Our goal is simple: to transform the experience of impact so boaters can safely travel farther and faster, no matter the destination or conditions.

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