It all started in 2010 when we launched the first Small Vessel Security Threats Conference in Miami Beach FL. The purpose then was to bring together the port security and marine law enforcement communities with the U.S. Coast Guard and D.H.S. components in order to discuss and implement the Small Vessel Security Strategy.

In the seven years since then, we have hosted four Small Vessel Security Threats Conferences, five Maritime Security East, five Maritime Security West, three Maritime Security Caribbean, a Maritime Security Workshop for the 2016 RNC in Cleveland, an ice rescue training program for the Coast Guard and four Marine Law Enforcement Training Conferences for the State of Washington.

In the planning and preparation for these programs, we were privileged to meet and engage with thousands of maritime security and marine law enforcement professionals including Coast Guard Officers, CBP Agents, Ports Security Directors, FSOs and other important stakeholders. We have ridden the boats, sat in the command centers and engaged with the operators. We have seen different operations and cultures in just about every major port area in the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Maritime Security Outlook was born out of that direct engagement and our passion for the community of great officers, professionals and leaders that serves it every day.