SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2)

SAP HANA is a high performance in-memory data management and analysis software platform that is the result of co-innovation between the large enterprise software company, SAP, and the CPU processor chip manufacturer, Intel. First released in 2010, SAP wrote the software system to run on the widely used Intel XEON-based servers, which are available from all the major computer manufacturers and are pervasive in data centers and cloud infrastructures around the world. Intel optimized the instruction sets in the chips themselves to accelerate the high performance in-memory database processing of HANA. This co-innovation allowed the SAP HANA data management system, first released in 2010, to fully leverage the potential of the multi-processor, multi-core hardware of the newest servers in a way that data management systems that were first written in the 1980s –the days of single threaded, single CPU systems–cannot do. The result of this effort is the ability to scan, search and analyze multi-million—or even billion– record datasets in seconds. Recently, SAP has collaborated with IBM to deliver the high performance functionality of SAP HANA on the IBM Power System chipsets as well.  Click here to learn more